At Spatial we endeavour to produce the world’s best cabin crew training simulators at the lowest total cost of ownership. We continuously innovate in order to achieve this, focussing on three main areas:

Increase realism

We firmly believe that creating the most immersive environments for commercial aviation crews to train in, results in better training outcomes. Examples of our innovation in this area include Virtual Slide Trainers, realistic communications, cabin visuals, IFE systems and other features that set the standard in cabin training

Increase product performance

It is of the utmost importance to us that you are able to make full use of your device at all times. As such, we constantly innovate to improve our own product performance. Examples of ways that our products are differentiated from our competitors to offer superior performance include our full replications of the inner workings of aircraft doors (providing actual aircraft forces as opposed to synthetic recreations) and our use of lightweight carbon fibre motion frames to produce more lifelike motion systems requiring lower maintenance.

Reduce total ownership cost

To reduce total cost of ownership, we focus primarily on innovations in the areas of production efficiency (affecting upfront cost) and product reliability (affecting ongoing cost). We constantly innovate to achieve both aims, through methods such as increasing adoption of modular build technologies, incorporating the latest third party technologies in our visuals systems and refining mechanical features to deliver reduced costs alongside enhanced performance.


From start to finish, our process resolves around our customers. Your enquiry will be personally attended to by one of our Managing Directors. We aim to create a dialogue whereby we understand your needs and work together to develop the most efficient solution to meet your requirements. Every element of each device we make is precisely tailored to individual customer needs.

The key steps in the customer journey are:

Critical Design Review

Following agreement on the technical proposal we will immediately commence the preparations for the critical design review. It is at this stage that the fine details of the deliverables are agreed and the benchmarks effectively set for the later acceptance tests.

Factory Acceptance Test

As soon as your product is completed you will be invited to inspect and test it at your convenience at our manufacturing facility. Should there be any snags, they will be promptly resolved by us prior to shipping.

Site Acceptance Test

Once your simulator is installed and operational at your facility, we will conduct a thorough Site Acceptance Test and formal handover of the product, which will also include training for both instructors and maintenance staff on the use of the simulator to ensure you can derive maximum benefit from it.

“I found working with Spatial to be a very straightforward experience. They worked hard to ensure delivery of our devices in a very short timeframe, adapted to meet our requirements and have been 100% reliable with regard to doing exactly what they say they will do. I’ve been particularly pleased with their after-sales support, making sure we have robust, reliable devices to support our crew training operation.”